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The Tower of Penny Power

We have conducted The Tower of Penny Power at each of the town’s four elementary schools with great success. We placed “The Tower” in each school’s lobby for a period of about two weeks. Then we challenged the students to conquer “The Tower” by going out into the community to perform helpful deeds for parents, neighbors and friends in exchange for donations. The goal of the project is to inspire young children to help in the community and to show them that even a small personal effort can make a difference in the lives of others when people work together. Students shoveled sidewalks, baby-sat, and cleaned house among many other things. One 2nd grader donated her Tooth Fairy money. Another student held a tag sale and donated the proceeds to “The Tower”. Many students donated their allowance. Hallways at the schools were lined with papers on which each student wrote about how they conquered The Tower of Penny Power. Thousands of dollars have been collected for the Department of Human Services. They will use the money to support the people in town who need food, energy assistance, and medical supplies.
The Tower filled up with money John Paterson Elementary School check

Anna Reynolds Elementary School check
The Tower of Penny Power on display
The cereal box display that was constructed for the schools To illustrate and emphasize the grand proportion of their contribution, we constructed this presentation for the students at each of the schools. We explained that if the town spent all of the money donated on just breakfast cereal they could buy hundreds of boxes of cereal. Students and teachers were amazed and some were moved to tears when the curtains on stage opened to reveal a mountain made up of 1000 cereal boxes encompassing the entire stage! One veteran teacher said that the presentation was one of the most spectacular things he has ever seen on that stage!
Students at each school
documented their
efforts to raise money for
“The Tower” by filling out these
“I Did It!” sheets.

An I Did It! sheet
An I Did It! sheet

An I Did It! sheet
An I Did It! sheet

An I Did It! sheet

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